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November 3 - 15, 2024

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Welcome Video from Paul Hughes



An In-Depth Interview with Paul Hughes on the Teacher Training Experience


Imagine having an all-inclusive toolkit to reliably guide your clients through a physically pleasurable, step-by-step process for achieving rapid and permanent resolution of deep-seated emotional pain and trauma.  A skill that empowers your clients to create deliberate happiness anytime they want. This is the power of Vivation and the priceless gift you will share with your clients.


At the heart of this teaching is our pioneering Seven Basic Lessons. This compact system, meticulously refined over 40 years, offers a complete roadmap to guide your clients to emotional mastery and autonomy in just a few days of instruction.

  • Complete Path to Mastery
    We've laid out the Seven Basic Lessons for you, making it easy to guide your clients through a safe, reliable journey from beginner to master. The Seven Basic Lessons represent an unparalleled approach to self-improvement and healing. This robust, structured system sets Vivation apart, providing a compelling and highly marketable offering for your future clients, guiding them seamlessly from novice to emotional master.

  • Profound Transformation
    Each powerful lesson contains life-changing insights and proven practices that lead to profound transformation. The lessons form a reliable container for releasing deep-seated pain, trauma, and limiting beliefs permanently, allowing you to guide your clients through emotional healing confidently.

  • Practical, Lifelong Skills
    The Seven Basic Lessons provide not just a therapeutic and transformative healing journey, but practical skills for rapid emotional healing one can use forever. You and your clients can use these tools anytime, anywhere, providing an easy-to-integrate approach to maintaining peace and high awareness in daily life.

  • Empowering Autonomy
    The core goal of The Seven Basic Lessons is to foster autonomy and self-reliance. The lessons are designed not just to give your clients sessions, but to teach them how to be their own guides in their healing journey.

  • Enduring Personal Growth
    Vivation doesn't provide just temporary relief. It's a catalyst for sustained personal growth and evolution. Our students cultivate a profound level of awareness and master tangible skills that lead to an unshakable state of inner calm and joy. The Seven Basic Lessons lead to lasting emotional healing and inner peace.
Jim Leonard
Creator of Vivation

"Paul Hughes is the most gifted Vivation Professional I've ever taught. From early on, I saw in Paul that rare blend of heart, intellect, deep insight, and compassion that would inevitably position him as a luminary in the world of Vivation. I've been honored and privileged to know Paul and count him as a good friend, resting easy knowing  the future of Vivation is in his hands."

Jo Oliver
Vivation Teacher

"The training was mindblowing.  
Informative and packed with transformational experiences and connecting conversations.  Paul is a dedicated and passionate teacher of Vivation with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience to share. 
Truly amazing though, is the journey thereafter.¬†¬†¬†The follow up support has been like no other course I have attended, both from Paul and from fellow ‚ÄėVivers‚Äô.¬†¬†¬†I love the integrity.
Vivation is a fun yet profound life skill to develop, and the magic continues to unfold…"

Keely O'Connor
CEO & Founder
Prosperitas Agency

"Vivation took my life in a completely new direction. It is a true gift to be able to use this tool and an even greater gift to share it with others. For a modality so powerful, the thought of teaching it might overwhelm one. Yet, the structure, education, support, booklets containing EVERYTHING, online resources, and ongoing guidance from Paul have been nothing short of phenomenal. Paul's teaching style is potent yet relaxed. I devoured the content and deeply enjoyed the amazing concepts and Paul's contagious laughter. Paul has been by our side to help us professionally with 1:1 calls, group vives, group coaching, and more accountability, and my fellow Vive pros have become solid supports. I admire my teachers, Paul, Robbin, and Torunn from the bottom of my heart and look forward to continuing this journey."

Benefits of Becoming a Vivation Professional

The Seven Basic Lessons are your powerful ally. As a Vivation professional, you have the privilege to use our meticulously refined system to transform people's lives in a powerful way. You have a proven path to emotional mastery and autonomy at your fingertips, ready to empower your clients with a life-altering journey.

  • Joining a Supportive Community
    Become part of the Vivation Professional Association, a vibrant support network offering professional guidance, peer learning, and a sense of belonging. This community is an invaluable asset as you thrive in your new career.

  • Rich Heritage
    Embrace a career with a globally trusted brand. Becoming a Vivation Professional connects you to a distinguished, time-honored profession that's been flourishing since 1979. This rich heritage is a testament to the lasting impact and success of Vivation.

  • A Rewarding & Meaningful Career
    Every day as a Vivation professional brings opportunities for profound and meaningful improvements in emotional well-being, both for your clients and yourself. This path offers not just financial rewards, but deep emotional and spiritual fulfillment.


  • Financial Freedom
    Unlock a prosperous career path with Vivation. By offering a comprehensive transformational journey, you deliver unmatched value, leading to a continuous stream of referrals, repeat business, and sustained financial success ‚Äď a rarity in the wellness industry.


  • An Immersive Learning Journey
    Our program immerses you in the practices you'll teach. Experience the full scope of training firsthand, ensuring a profound understanding of The Seven Basic Lessons and cultivating the confidence to teach from experience.


  • Hands-on approach to learning
    Through a 10-day interactive journey, enhance your expertise daily. Master and apply the foundational principles of Vivation in one-on-one and group settings, benefiting from the diverse experiences of your fellow participants.


  • Comprehensive Training Materials
    Receive an invaluable collection of detailed teaching manuals covering all aspects of the curriculum. These resources serve as your ongoing reference, ensuring you have every technique and piece of knowledge at your fingertips post-training.


  • Cultivate Deep Confidence
    With nearly five decades of refinement, our training equips you to address a wide array of client needs and inquiries confidently. This extensive background prepares you to handle complex questions and scenarios with expertise and assurance.

  • Levity for Yourself and Your Clients
    Embrace authenticity in your teaching. Vivation celebrates real people creating real healing and joy. You don’t need to be perfect; just be your genuine self. This authenticity is key to creating a relaxed, effective learning environment for your clients and for yourself.

Become A Vivation Teacher

Join Our Waiting List

 Enrollment for the Fall 2024 Vivation Teacher Training is on the horizon. By joining our Priority Access List, you'll be the first to hear about enrollment openings and get an exclusive jumpstart on registration. Don't miss your chance to be at the forefront of Vivation education. Sign up now!