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Imagine having an all-inclusive toolkit to reliably guide your clients through a physically pleasurable, step-by-step process for achieving rapid and permanent resolution of deep-seated emotional pain and trauma.  A skill that empowers your clients to create deliberate happiness anytime they want. This is the power of Vivation and the priceless gift you will share with your clients.


The Vivation Advantage


At the heart of this teaching is our pioneering Seven Basic Lessons. This compact system, meticulously refined over 40 years, offers a complete roadmap to guide your clients to emotional mastery and autonomy in just a few days of instruction.

  • Complete Path to Mastery: We've laid out the Seven Basic Lessons for you, making it easy to guide your clients through a safe, reliable journey from beginner to master. The Seven Basic Lessons represent an unparalleled approach to self-improvement and healing. This robust, structured system sets Vivation apart, providing a compelling and highly marketable offering for your future clients, guiding them seamlessly from novice to emotional master.

  • Profound Transformation: Each powerful lesson contains life-changing insights and proven practices that lead to profound transformation. The lessons form a reliable container for releasing deep-seated pain, trauma, and limiting beliefs permanently, allowing you to guide your clients through emotional healing confidently.

  • Practical, Lifelong Skills: The Seven Basic Lessons provide not just a therapeutic and transformative healing journey, but practical skills for rapid emotional healing one can use forever. You and your clients can use these tools anytime, anywhere, providing an easy-to-integrate approach to maintaining peace and high awareness in daily life.

  • Empowering Autonomy: The core goal of The Seven Basic Lessons is to foster autonomy and self-reliance. The lessons are designed not just to give your clients sessions, but to teach them how to be their own guides in their healing journey.

  • Enduring Personal Growth: Vivation doesn't provide just temporary relief. It's a catalyst for sustained personal growth and evolution. Our students cultivate a profound level of awareness and master tangible skills that lead to an unshakable state of inner calm and joy. The Seven Basic Lessons lead to lasting emotional healing and inner peace.

Benefits of Becoming a Vivation Professional

The Seven Basic Lessons are your powerful ally. As a Vivation professional, you have the privilege to use our meticulously refined system to transform people's lives in a powerful way. You have a proven path to emotional mastery and autonomy at your fingertips, ready to empower your clients with a life-altering journey.

  • Professional Support & Community
    Becoming a Vivation teacher means joining the Vivation Professional Association - a support network that provides ongoing professional guidance, peer learning, and a sense of belonging. These are invaluable assets on your journey towards thriving as a Vivation Professional.

  • Rich Heritage
    By becoming a Vivation Professional, you will be joining a distinguished and time-honored profession, associated with a globally trusted brand that boasts a rich heritage since 1979. This well-established heritage stands as a testament to Vivation's success and longevity in the field of personal growth.

  • Levity for Yourself and Your Clients
    Nervous about Imposter Syndrome? Welcome to the club! The best Vivation teachers aren't flawless gurus; they're genuine people, showing up authentically, warts and all. By embodying authenticity, you give your clients space and permission to do the same. You don’t need to be a paragon of perfection, just your genuine self. This is the secret sauce of Vivation: real people, real healing, real joy. So, let's lighten up, kick off the pretenses, and get real with Vivation!

  • A Rewarding & Meaningful Career
    As a Vivation professional, every day becomes an opportunity to bring about meaningful and profound improvements in other people's emotional well-being, enriching not only their lives but yours as well. This is a path that rewards you not just financially, but emotionally and spiritually, anchoring your work in the richness of shared human experience.

  • Financial Freedom
    As a Vivation professional, you're not only gaining a new skill but also unlocking a prosperous new career. By offering a comprehensive transformational journey, you deliver undeniable value that outshines the competition. The ability to offer a clear, complete package of transformation — a tangible skill your clients can apply for the rest of their lives — brings a continuous stream of referrals, repeat business, and sustained financial success. This kind of financial success remains elusive for many in the wellness industry.
Jim Leonard
Creator of Vivation

"Paul Hughes is the most gifted Vivation Professional I've ever taught. From early on, I saw in Paul that rare blend of heart, intellect, deep insight, and compassion that would inevitably position him as a luminary in the world of Vivation. I've been honored and privileged to know Paul and count him as a good friend, resting easy knowing  the future of Vivation is in his hands."



Ally Sheedy
Hollywood Actress

"Vivation has been my constant companion for over 20 years. I can't imagine life without it!"







Antony Dallman-Jones
author of The Phoenix Flight Manual

"Hidden in plain sight, Paul sits on top of some of the most powerful information known to man. And no one would I trust more with it. Paul is a thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate man who TRULY cares about what happens to humanity AND has dedicated his life to making life a joyous experience for everyone he meets. In 30 yeas of teaching Vivation, I have not found a better teacher than Paul Hughes." 





Day 1:
Shuttle pick-up from Casper hotel at 10:30 AM. Upon arrival at Thermopolis: room check-in, catered lunch, and then we dive straight into the Seven Basic Lessons, beginning with the Three Points to Remember, the First Element, with two interspersed hour-long guided Vivation sessions. The day concludes at 9:30 PM.
Day 2: Begins at 10:00 AM. Lessons covered will be the Fourth, Third, and Fifth Elements, interspersed with three one-hour guided Vivation sessions, including an evening Eyegaze session, concluding again at 9:30 PM.
Day 3: The day begins at 10:00 AM, starting with a lesson on the Second Element, a Warm & Cold Water Vivation session, and a catered lunch. Our afternoon session features the Absolute Fourth Element and a Vivation-in-Action Adventure. The evening includes sessions and tips for advanced Vivation Practice.

Day 4: Integration Day:  We start at 10:00 AM with a group Eye-gaze session. The rest of the day is dedicated to personal Vivation practice and re-reading as much of the Vivation book as possible to solidify your understanding of the lessons learned and prepare for the upcoming intensive teacher training.

Each day is divided into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening sessions.
Mornings (10 AM - 1 PM): These sessions focus on the theoretical framework of Vivation, delving into the Five Elements in-depth. Participants will practice articulating these elements and their finer principles in small groups, preparing them to guide their future clients effectively.
Afternoons (2:30 - 5:30 PM): These sessions are dedicated to practical Vivation coaching, followed by participants pairing up for giving each other coached Vivation sessions. This is followed by reflective discussions, insight sharing, and problem-solving. We will be delving into all the finer coaching nuances like prompting techniques, attunement, pacing, prosody, presence, and boundary setting.
Evenings (7 - 9:30 PM): Each day wraps up with engaging evening sessions, extending the learning journey through interactive modules, hands-on activities, and group discussions. We dive beyond Vivation specifics into essential areas like self-care, professional growth, and business success strategies for Vivation professionals. This comprehensive approach not only deepens your understanding of Vivation practice, but goes into the details on how to build a thriving career as a Vivation Professional.
Day 10: This day is dedicated to final lessons, presentations, and graduation.

Our greatest desire is for all of our graduating students to thrive in their new careers as Vivation Professionals. With this heartfelt commitment in mind, we have created three monthly follow-up group Zoom sessions to provide essential support and guidance, ensuring the best possible start for your journey as a Vivation Professional. 

Month 1: Launching Your Journey: This first month is dedicated to laying the foundation for your new career. We'll guide you through the process of teaching the Seven Basic Lessons to at least one person, helping you navigate initial challenges and equipping you with the necessary teaching skills. Our guidance and your determination will ensure your first steps in the Vivation profession are confident and successful.

Month 2: Scaling Up: Now that you've started teaching, it's time to grow. We'll assist you in securing your first paying client, providing strategies for marketing and client acquisition. This month will be about sharpening your skills and mastering the art of turning potential clients into satisfied customers.

Month 3: Transitioning to Full-Time: We are by your side as you prepare to make your passion a full-time commitment. This crucial phase focuses on business development, time management, and sustainability strategies to help you smoothly transition into full-time Vivation practice. We provide ongoing support, ensuring you are equipped to face any challenge that comes your way."


Embrace Your Future with Vivation Now

Are you standing at the precipice of decision, wavering on the edge of transformation? Today, you have the power to leap into a new chapter of your life. Vivation invites you to unlock an unimagined future, to step into a fulfilling new career of transformation and liberation.
Still unsure if this leap is for you? That's okay. Decisions this monumental should be deliberated. Book a discovery call and let's discuss how becoming a Vivation professional could align with your dreams and aspirations.

Your crossroads present three paths:
  1. Stagnation: The familiar and comfortable. The path of no action. But you already know where this leads. It’s the same scenery, the same cycles repeating. Isn’t it time for a new journey?

  2. Self-guidance: A solitary journey, embarking on the path without a compass, without a guide. A route filled with unnecessary detours and roadblocks. Is this the most fulfilling path to your destination?

  3. Mentorship with Us: Allow us to be your guides, your mentors. We offer you a roadmap filled with expertise, companionship, and guidance. Why wander in the wilderness when you can journey on a path well-trodden by masters?

Take a moment to consider the possibilities ahead. It's not about what you stand to lose, but the extraordinary world you stand to gain: a realm where you harness the transformative power of Vivation, igniting profound change in the lives of others as well as your own.
Embrace the exceptional opportunity before you. Embark on your transformative journey with Vivation today. Don't merely dream about the future, seize it now.

Take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and trust yourself.