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Leading breathwork
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What is Vivation?

“Wow! I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good!” 

Originated by Jim Leonard in 1979, Vivation is a physically pleasurable process you can learn to quickly and permanently resolve any kind of negative emotion, stress, or past experience. Vivation is a gentle yet powerful process that works by helping you experience the truth of your feelings as just physical patterns of energy in the body. By directly connecting with your feelings at the felt physical level, negative thoughts about those feelings are bypassed, resulting in a much more honest and pleasurable experience. This results in an efficient integration of your feelings, transforming your experience from one of suffering to one of bliss.

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The Benefits of Vivation

The results people get from doing Vivation are as varied as people themselves. There are, however, certain consistent benefits obtained by nearly everyone who learns Vivation. These are some of the ways you can use Vivation.

Reduce Stress

So effective in reducing stress and anxiety, the original cause doesn't keep coming back.

Release Negative Thinking

Vivation trains you to shift into a positive context at will.

Deal with Grief

Ease more quickly into happy memories instead of feeling stuck in sadness.

Improve Your Meditation

Allow your mind to quiet naturally, without making yourself wrong.

Improve Your Relationships

By loving yourself more, you can allow others to be themselves as well.

Develop Your Spirituality

Experience more vital life force energy and feel your connection to the Source.

Break Habits & Addictions

Heal the underlying feelings and emotions that cause you to use substances or activities.

Cause Creative Breakthroughs

The ability to relax your mind causes creative thinking to flourish.

Lighten Up

Resolve troubling issues from the past or present and finally go beyond your heavy story.

What are people saying? 

Anyone can do Vivation

Everyone benefits from learning the "Skill of Happiness". Within a few hours of instruction, you will learn how to quickly resolve even the most difficult feelings in a physically pleasurable way.


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Is Vivation weird?

Embracing the process of releasing deep-rooted thoughts and feelings that have kept you stuck isn't strange; it sets you free to live your life's true purpose. Vivation shows you how.

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