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2-Day - Live Online Retreat

August 24 - 25, 2024

Times: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (Pacific Time)
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What is Vivation?

Vivation is a physically pleasurable skill you can learn to quickly and permanently resolve any kind of negative emotion, feeling, or experience. Vivation is a life-changing method that integrates physical sensations with emotional and spiritual well-being, enabling you to achieve profound healing and lasting happiness. 

The Vivation Advantage

  • Complete Path to Mastery¬†Our pioneering Seven Basic Lessons provide a complete roadmap to guide you from beginner to master in just a few days. This robust system sets Vivation apart, offering a compelling and highly¬†effective approach to self-improvement and healing. You'll gain practical skills for rapid emotional healing that you can use forever.
  • Profound Transformation¬†Each powerful lesson contains life-changing insights and proven practices that lead to profound transformation. The lessons form a reliable container for releasing deep-seated pain, trauma, and limiting beliefs permanently, allowing you to confidently navigate your emotional healing journey.
  • Empowering Autonomy¬†The core goal of the Seven Basic Lessons is to foster autonomy and self-reliance. The lessons are designed to not only provide you with sessions but also teach you how to be your own guide in your healing journey.
  • Enduring Personal Growth¬†Vivation is not just about temporary relief; it's a catalyst for sustained personal growth and evolution. You'll cultivate a profound level of awareness and master tangible skills that lead to an unshakable state of inner calm and joy. The Seven Basic Lessons lead to lasting emotional healing and inner peace.

 What You'll Learn

Mastering the Seven Basic Lessons

Circular Breathing
  • Description:¬†A continuous, smooth breathing pattern that connects each breath.
  • Benefits:¬†Promotes relaxation, enhances energy flow, and helps release suppressed emotions.
Complete Relaxation
  • Description:¬†Letting go of all physical and mental tension to allow emotions to flow freely and naturally.
  • Benefits:¬†Reduces stress, facilitates emotional release, and fosters a sense of inner peace.
Awareness in Detail
  • Description:¬†Focusing on the most subtle aspects of your physical sensations and emotions, bringing them into full awareness.
  • Benefits:¬†Increases mindfulness, deepens emotional understanding, and supports spiritual growth.
Integration into Ecstasy
  • Description:¬†Transforming negative emotions into positive, uplifting experiences by embracing and integrating them.
  • Benefits:¬†Resolves emotional blockages, enhances joy, and promotes a sense of divine connection.
Willingness is Enough
  • Description:¬†Embracing your feelings with a positive attitude, understanding that willingness to experience them is sufficient for healing.
  • Benefits:¬†Reduces resistance, fosters acceptance, and enhances emotional and spiritual integration.
The Three Points to Remember
  • Description:¬†Practical take-away, actionable guidelines to enhance your Vivation practice:
  • Benefits:¬†Simplifies the Vivation process, improves focus, and maximizes the benefits of each session.
Applying Vivation in Daily Life
  • Description:¬†Using Vivation techniques to resolve stress and enhance daily activities, making it a part of your everyday routine.
  • Benefits:¬†Continual stress reduction, improved emotional resilience, and enhanced overall quality of life.¬†

Follow-Up Support

  • Three¬†Weekly Follow-Up Sessions:
    • Access to our live coached sessions each week - free for the first month.
  • Weekly Live Coached Vivation Sessions:
    • Offer:¬†Continue accessing our live guided sessions every week for just $39/month (20% off the normal price).
    • Benefits: Experience expert guidance, real-time practice, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.


Free Lifetime Access to the Vivation Online Essentials Library
  • Includes: Guided audio sessions, both Vivation books, "100 Ways to Enjoy Anything," "110 Ways to Relax," and other valuable articles.
  • Benefits: Comprehensive resources to deepen your practice and enhance your journey with Vivation.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Jim Leonard
Creator of Vivation

"Paul Hughes is the most gifted Vivation Professional I've ever taught. From early on, I saw in Paul that rare blend of heart, intellect, deep insight, and compassion that would inevitably position him as a luminary in the world of Vivation. I've been honored and privileged to know Paul and count him as a good friend, resting easy knowing  the future of Vivation is in his hands."

Ally Sheedy
Hollywood Actress

"Vivation has been my constant companion... I can't imagine life without it."

Dick Bertram
Champion Sailor and Billionaire Founder of Bertram Yachts

"Vivation is the most powerful transformational process I have ever experiences. I enthusiastically recommend Vivation to everyone."

Three Key Benefits of Vivation

  1. Permanent Emotional Resolution

    • Experience the permanent resolution of deep emotional wounds, ensuring they never return.
  2. Increased Joy and Spiritual Connection

    • Learn to enjoy every moment and deepen your connection with the Divine, enhancing your spiritual journey.
  3. Improved Relationships and Life Satisfaction

    • Develop deeper connections with others and live a more fulfilled, joyous life, in harmony with your spiritual values.

Rediscover Your Inner Peace and Joy

Join the Vivation 2-Day Seven Basic Lessons Retreat

  • Transformative Experience: Learn powerful techniques to master your emotions, find inner peace, and achieve life fulfillment.
  • Convenient Online Access: Participate from the comfort of your home via Zoom, making it easy to fit into your schedule.
  • Expert Guidance: Sessions led by certified Vivation professionals to ensure you receive the best instruction and support.

August 24 - 25, 2024

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (Pacific Time)
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(Detailed schedule available below)  

Online via Zoom

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