"Thank you for the Vivation session. I had done Vivation over 20 years ago, I loved it, and to rediscover this amazing practice and experience it with you was amazing. It was an experience above and beyond my expectations. We completed 2 hours online between teaching and 1 hour of Vivation breathing. In the hour of Vivation, it allowed me to get in contact with myself, relax and release, and I am so looking forward to the next session."

"Thank you again!
I love Viving!
I really notice the clarity like a fog lifting after the session. Great healing and transformation.
Looking forward to another session when I’m settled in."
—Will A., Psychiatrist

"Thanks for an enjoyable session today. Your facilitation and teaching helped a great deal."

"Beautiful Vivation session last Saturday!! I would like to thank Patricia and Paul for taking care of us, bringing so much safety and freedom into the practice. Very rich experience, highly recommended for everyone, as we all have something that doesn't serve us well. Lots of love and light."
Carlos de la Rua



“I just experienced a group Vivation session with Patricia and found it to be a highly supportive experience.  It is a healthy way for me to use my breath to release my emotions and other blockages from my body. This is a definite path for clearing much unwanted debris from my being that no longer serves me.  As I evolve in my consciousness, doing Vivation sessions can serve as a catalyst for having more peaceful and  loving transitions.”

Samuel Kiwasz, SacredFriends.org

"These group Vivation sessions are a Godsend. I feel like I go much deeper in the group setting. Patricia and Paul are Master Vivation Coaches and they always seem to say exactly what I need to hear in the moment. There is a wonderful sense of community growing with these regular sessions, which for me is so helpful during these times when we are more isolated and can't go to our usual in-person activities. I always come away from these sessions feeling very connected, inspired, and alive. Keep these going for sure!

Samantha B.

"Vivation is the only breathing system I know of  that releases the emotional and energetic patterns that led to restricted breathing in the first place.  And I've studied a few systems.
Patricia Bacall is one of the most experienced at teaching Vivation, as well as an advanced Yogini.
Paul Hughes is another of the great first generation teachers of Vivation, as well as a master of physics and metaphysics.
I've been breathing with them for about a year online, and have overcome major obstacles from injuries through Vivation."
—Steve Cross, Programmer


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