Lesson on the 5th Element, Do Whatever You Do...Willingness is Enough,
and complete guided Vivation breathwork session

Saturday, July 10,  
11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT, 7 pm BST (London)

Reduce stress, calm your fears and restore well-being with Vivation.
This live, two-hour Zoom workshop is just $29.
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Join us to experience Vivation, the powerful transformational breathwork and mindful awareness practice for experiencing more love, ease, gratitude, power, and fun in your life. Because now more than ever, you need a simple, proven practice to clear anxiety, de-stress, and boost your immune system and health.
Our $29 live workshop via Zoom will include instruction from Vivation master trainers Paul Hughes and Patricia Bacall, and a two-hour session.

Register now to resolve long-held negativity and trauma. Maintain well-being no matter how stressful life gets. Feel calmer, happier, and more motivated to take care of yourself and loved ones.  

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With Vivation, you'll experience:

  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Quickly resolve painful emotions.
  • Creative breakthroughs
  • Less physical pain and cellular renewal
  • Motivation to achieve goals
  • Clarity, connectedness, and support from your Higher Self
  • Self-love, loving relationships, and gratitude
  • Confidence in the wisdom of your intuition
  • Courage to express important values
  • Healing for your deepest emotional wounds
  • Increased self-esteem and enthusiasm
  • Physical health and vitality
  • Healing for self-sabotage, overeating or addiction

Learn more about Vivation on our What is Vivation page.

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“Vivation has been my constant companion… I can’t imagine life without it!”
– Ally Sheedy, actress
“Vivation is the most powerful transformational process I have ever experienced. I enthusiastically recommend Vivation to everyone.”
-Dick Bertram, billionaire founder of Bertram Yachts
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