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Vivation teaches you to cooperate with your body’s natural desire for healthy and enthusiastic living. Although most people attempt to control negative emotions, they quickly find that the effort needed to do so is overwhelming. Vivation trains you to stop trying to control your emotions. Instead, you learn to harmonize with them, use them to your benefit, and experience a lasting sense of well-being.

Vivation produces emotional resilience and an increased ability to bounce back from setbacks. Learning to quickly resolve internal distractions and emotional negativity creates greater focus, and thus greater productivity. 

Currently, we offer two methods of online learning: group sessions and private lessons, both remotely via Zoom. The most cost effective way to learn Vivation is to subscribe to our twice a month online workshops. Go to membership page.

Coming in 2021: The 7 Basic Lessons of Vivation self-paced course. This will include everything you need to know to use Vivation as a highly effective emotional skill on your own to experience more bliss and happiness on a daily basis.

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We offer regular live group Vivation sessions via Zoom. Register today for our next live session and start learning the basics of Vivation. This is a two-hour workshop, with instruction, exercises, an hour of guided, coached session, followed by sharing and Q&A.

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Private Sessions

For those looking for more personalized training, we offer private sessions at $149 per person for two hours, which includes a one-hour lesson, and one hour session. Training to autonomy with the skill of Vivation takes about 7-10 sessions.

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